Transforming Data Centers
into Bare Metal Clouds

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Bare Metal Performance + Cloud Simplicity

Transform your multi-site data center into
an easy-to-manage and easy-to-consume bare-metal cloud
for all of your critical workloads

Dedicated server hosting,
Public cloud, Big data,
Public cloud hosting,
Container hosting

Conquer Hybrid IT

Optimize performance, security, and cost by putting your
private IT infrastructure near the public cloud
and near your customers

What you need

Remotely deploy any server image with ease.
Virtualization, Containers, Big Data, Storage

Where you need it

Manage any number of racks in any
number of sites from a single portal

When you need it

Add capacity in minutes with simple, secure
self-service API, CLI, and web interfaces

With QuattroLabs, run any solution, anywhere, and dynamically adjust your capacity

Dedicated Servers... On Demand

With QuattroLabs Turn-key Bare Metal Cloud

Cloud Managed Data Centers

Multiple racks.  Multiple sites.  One management portal.

Deploy.   Connect.   Secure.   Adapt.   Monitor.

Re-purpose, Reuse, Recycle

It isn't enough to converge, hyperconverge, or compose infrastructure for a single purpose.

You need to be able to quickly re-purpose your infrastructure

A Better Container Environment

Run your containers directly on tenant-dedicated bare-metal servers

Best Performance

Best Isolation

Best Cost

Provision your bare metal hosts from Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Rancher, etc. using QuattroLabs' REST API

We transform multi-site data centers
into simple-to-manage, scalable, bare-metal clouds

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